Working at the intersection of character-driven narratives and high concept genre stories, Kenneth Mader is an award-winning writer-director and author with a strong visual sense and a gift for storytelling. His work melds science-fiction, action, and suspense with character-based motivations to deliver entertaining and thought-provoking storylines featuring powerful emotional performances.

He is known for his often nonlinear storytelling, empowered yet vulnerable female lead characters, his collaboration with actors, and achieving quality and production values on his films that compare favorably with bigger-budgeted counterparts.

Kenneth’s latest feature film, Displacement, enjoyed a multi-city U.S. theatrical release, was acquired by A+E Networks for a World Broadcast Premiere on the Lifetime Movie Network in the U.S. and as a Lifetime Original Movie internationally. Displacement was also curated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for inclusion in their historical Margaret Herrick Library, received critical acclaim in the press along with numerous award wins on the film festival circuit, and is now available on DVD and VOD worldwide.

His first novel, Afterlife, which he co-wrote with acclaimed author J.K. Ishaya, was published by Zimbell House in hardcover, paperback, and ebook in February 2020. It is inspired by his award-winning short film, Passing Darkness, with a story and characters developed over the past decade with co-creators Debra and Gerald Hopkins. It is the first in a series of urban fantasy novels entitled The Arcadia Chronicles. Ken is also writing the novelization of his award-winning screenplay, Deep Focus, while simultaneously packaging and securing production financing for that feature film.

His first feature, Carnivore, was released by 20th Century Fox with a broadcast premiere on the SyFy Channel, where it played in rotation for a full year. It also achieved much success on pay-per-view and VOD as well as internationally, and has become a virtual cult classic, recently re-released for Halloween on Amazon Prime, Xfinity, and other platforms.

He has written and directed over twenty short films earning numerous awards and honors, has experience on hit television shows and studio motion pictures, and has been nominated for both the NBC Universal and HBO/DGA Directing Fellowships.

As a writer, he’s had development deals with high-profile companies including Shoreline Entertainment and is a founding member and former President of the Chicago Screenwriters Network, co-founded along with television writer-showrunner Edward Allen Bernero. Ken has won numerous awards for his writing including Best Feature Screenplay and Excellence in the Craft of the Written Word honors at the AOF Written Word Awards and was a semi-finalist in the Fade In Awards.

He was born and raised in Chicago where he began his film career as a young production assistant and visual effects artist, moving to Los Angeles in 2001 after securing distribution for his first feature film. Ken has made his living in L.A. as a writer and filmmaker ever since. His development & production shingle, Maderfilm, has numerous projects in the pipeline, and he is also an award-winning CinematographerEditor, and Colorist/VFX Artist.

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