Displacement in Theatres and On Demand!

April 28, 2017 we had our LA Theatrical Premiere at the Laemmle Monica in Santa Monica complete with red carpet, popcorn, and Q&A.

It was great to see everyone again! Two years after filming wrapped and a year spent in the festival circuit, everyone had wonderful stories of what they had been up to… and the Besana twins are all  grown up!

Check out these pics from our red carpet.

The film opens in Chicago May 12 at the historic Logan Theatre! In the Windy City? Get tickets here!

Not in the Windy City? Displacement is also available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Google Play, with DVD coming next month.

Finally, here are some fun red carpet interviews with Kenneth Mader, Courtney Hope, Bruce Davison, Susan Blakely, and more!

Source: Displacement in Theatres and On Demand!

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